Direct Hire


We developed an agile process that can be tailored to meet each client’s need and are adaptable to changing market demands in the volatile IT employment market. 

Our workflow process is agile driven and follows lean WIP principles. This flow is managed by multiple recruitment teams with specialization in the requirements they work on and a customer centric focus in mind.


Fully screened candidates can be delivered for interviews in a short span because of the innovative process we follow. After the interviews, our recruiters will follow up to close the order if the candidate is offered the position or ask questions to help screen the next set of candidates. Our dedicated team of placement professionals works tirelessly to locate, identify, and recruit the best talent the IT world has to offer.  

A-Z Recruitment:

Scrumtune successfully blends an ingrained recruiting network with a nationwide team of direct hire recruiters who are focused specifically on filling permanent placement orders. These recruiters represent only non-consulting candidates with successful track records in their technical field and backed by professional certifications from reputed organizations. 


Close the deal:

In most cases, we could collaborate  with you and close the deal with in 24 hours.